Step 3:

Step 1:

Contemporary Sculpture by artist David Undery

Once you approve the design David Undery will create the hand crafted, unique piece made specifically to your space and personally install it, leaving you with a feeling of delight as you enjoy your luxurious, tailor made piece of contemporary art.

Step 2:

Commissioning art may not have been something you have considered before, but with ArtRageous, commissioning art has never been easier:

We will work with your design concepts, taking into consideration the size of your display area, preferable colour schemes and textures. We will create digital proposals to help you visualise how stunning David Undery’s art will look in your desired setting.

Imagine, in 3 simple steps you could have a lustrous, unique, collectable piece of contemporary art made especially for your home or design project.

Contact us by email now or call 01462 743336 to discuss your potential project with us.